The 2 Million Year Old Best Friend

I’m into a lot of things. I’m a thing guy, you could say. One of my favorite things is watching movies. A good buddy to watch movies with is pretty much essential. I used to watch them with my cat, Mr. Knuckles, but I forgot to feed him, like, 2 million years ago so he’s either dead or become a bad James Brown impressionist by now.

I spent some time in the eastern rim of the Narterian Sector before taking a rogue celesteroid to the rear pilon and ripping out of twarp and into Earth’s atmosphere just before my ship jammed itself 400 feet into some ice bank in the Antarctic.

I have no idea how I got out, but that I smelled a bit like lutefisk and mead when I came to.

Now I watch movies for a living. Fancy that.

Personal Information
I’m about chest height, I guess. Um… I wear a tie pretty much all the time. It was the hotness on Bongoran when I was there and there was this cute little Nartarian thing that I kept trying to convince it was made of colopsulan hopper silk, but she wanted 40 karteks even just to talk to her, and, man, who carries that much scratch out on the town? Tell me that, huh? Who?

Movies, Mr. Knuckles (my cat),Biological Symbiosis, Parasitic Mimicry, Filmation Reruns, Rerun, Those Tape Transformers That Went Into Soundwave’s Boobs, Turbo Duo, PC Engine, Rockman, Videogames, Arcades, NOT BEING FROZEN IN A BLOCK OF PALEOLITHIC ICE

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