Wouldn’t it be great to have your own cyborg genie? A wonderful metal pal to help you with your chores and keep you entertained? A Biomechanical buddy with the ability to grant you anything you could possibly desire?

What if he were cardboard and an idiot?

Medium Popcorn
Fresh Popcorn Three Times a Week!

Announcement: We know you want more. We’ve heard you loudly and clearly. We know that you want to spend more of your time watching the puppet inhabitants of the Medium Popcorn universe discussing movies. We…

Welcome to Medium Popcorn.

Meet Diego, Lucy, Keith, and Seymour; the cinephile puppets you know and love. Visit with them as they review the latest movies, or simply laugh at blips from their daily lives - all in a time sensitive format you can enjoy at home or at work. From the joys of alien massacres to the gang's thoughts on Oscar nominees, there is something for everyone! What goes better with movies then hot buttered popcorn?

Medium Popcorn-Hot buttered content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.