Ghost Rider: Weeping for Nic Cage Anew

Watching the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a great reminder that life is short and I will never get that hour and half back.  Ever.

Nicolas Cage, while once a promising actor with a delightfully kooky sense of choosing his roles, has now thoroughly lapsed into the phase in his life where much of it is probably spent eating fried chicken on a saggy couch, in between phoning it in in a movie about a flaming motorcycle.  That a skeleton rides.  And the creepy kid we’re supposed to give a shit about.  Despite overwhelming evidence that he has more power of destruction in him that should ever be true of someone whose balls still haven’t quite dropped yet.  God forbid Suzie Next Door Neighbor doesn’t invite him to her birthday party.  Oy.

The movie makes very little sense, especially for someone who hasn’t seen the first installment of the series or read the comics.  There are demons, half-demons, and flaming kinda-demons, interspersed with one kohl-eyed broad who thinks it’s a good idea to sleep with demons.  Quite the motley crew, especially once you add in the various leather jackets in various levels of disrepair, multiple motorcycles and the enormous truck that the main gypsy-ish woman somehow manages to hotwire or steal.  Because your average devil baby mama knows how to hotwire an Eastern European flatbed truck.  Of course.

The movie is, however, a delightful reminder of three very important facts.

1.  The actor who played Giles in the TV series Buffy (Anthony Head) is still around and working.
2.  Twinkies do not decay and thus are the primary food source for decay demons.
3.   Excessive face tattoos are not a great indicator of trustworthiness.

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