Fresh Popcorn Three Times a Week!


We know you want more. We’ve heard you loudly and clearly. We know that you want to spend more of your time watching the puppet inhabitants of the Medium Popcorn universe discussing movies. We know you want this. We know you want this with regularity. We get it. It’s something we’ve come to get. Consider it gotten.

We have an answer for this: The Medium Popcorn team is proud to announce our new video release schedule!

With this new schedule you can still froth at the mouth as you have been, still write us crazy emails asking for this, that, and dare I mention it, the other. You can still dance naked to Tiffany singles while covered in goats’ blood – but you can also count on three Medium Popcorn videos a week!

Our new schedule:

  • Monday: Blips – 60-120 seconds of pure Medium Popcorn insanity.
  • Wednesday: Tubs – 5-7 minute in-depth reviews of current films.
  • Friday: Kernels – 60-120 second micro reviews of films coming out on Friday.


What this means:

You can set your calendar to that. You can set your watch to that, with a little basic calculus. Youy could probably send someone to space with that if you had a rocket and a few billion dollars!

We hope you enjoy this new schedule. It’s hard hanging out and talking about movies. You should really be interested. Or pay us. Or both. Actually, do both. It’s cool, though, you’ve got the money – you’re a SPACE PIONEER!


Welcome to Medium Popcorn.

Meet Diego, Lucy, Keith, and Seymour; the cinephile puppets you know and love. Visit with them as they review the latest movies, or simply laugh at blips from their daily lives - all in a time sensitive format you can enjoy at home or at work. From the joys of alien massacres to the gang's thoughts on Oscar nominees, there is something for everyone! What goes better with movies then hot buttered popcorn?

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